Commercial Property

We are always available to work with you on your unique and complex commercial real estate transactions. Our depth of knowledge allows us to not only identify potential problems, but also to develop workable solutions.

Your title company should not be an obstacle to your transaction closing. Our speciality is small to mid-size commercial transactions. It is easy to get lost at a large title company where your small to mid-size commercial transaction may seem unimportant. The large companies may also have no interest in offering you a competitive bid if they deem your transaction to be too small to warrant it.




Gibraltar Title

has special rates for your small to mid-size commercial transactions.
In addition, we have the specially trained staff and attorneys just like those larger companies so there will be no sacrifice in underwriting quality. We have proven to our customers our ability to underwrite creatively yet prudently so that both your goals and our goals are met. We are prepared to give your commercial and residential transaction the personal attention it deserves, regardless of size.