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Maximum Claim Amount Basis for title insurance premium
Principal Limit Amount
Service "set aside" Fee
Up-front Mortgage Insurance Premium One time MIP deduction
Remaining Principal Limit After deducting MIP and Service fee.

Any of the items below may be considered a "change of circumstance" requiring the issuance of a revised GFE. Please inquire at your loan interview to see if any of the following apply, such as your borrower not being present at close and needing to sign a Power of Attorney, there is a divorce or deceased joint tenant item which needs to be cleared, or title is held in a trust.

Please select the appropriate option and the additional fees, if any, will be added to the appropriate fields.

Additional Title Issues:
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 Trust Matters
 Power of Attorney
 Deceased Joint Tenant

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Title Services and Lenders Title Insurance: Good Faith Estimate No. 4:
Government Recording Charges Good Faith Estimate No. 7:
Transfer Taxes Good Faith Estimate No. 8:
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Certain conditions exist for property registered under the Torrens system where approval of documents by the Examiner of Titles is needed. This requirement and the amount of money the county charges vary by county. These charges typically range from $50.00 to $200.00, are payable to the county and affect registered property only.