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* Included in this fee is the loan premium of , $250.00 Closing fee, $150.00 Exam fee, $150.00 Search fee and a $225.00 Title Production fee.

Circumstances which may increase GFE 4, Title Services and Lender's Title Insurance, and GFE 7, Government Recording Charges

At GFE 7, we have estimated four documents for recording ($184.00). Recording four documents is usually more than the normal transaction requires. Please note that actual county charges will prevail. However, transactions involving trust matters, divorce or the use of a power of attorney may increase the number of documents for recording past the estimated four and would increase GFE 7 by $46.00 for each such document.

In addition, should your borrower require a closing after hours or closing in their home, an additional $150.00 will be added to GFE 4 for the use of a third party closing service.

Certain conditions exist for property registered under the Torrens system where approval of documents by the Examiner of Titles is needed. This requirement and the amount of money the county charges vary by county. These charges typically range from $50.00 to $200.00, are payable to the county and affect registered property only.