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Borrower owns a lot or home in Seven County Metro Area only.
Please call for a quote for other counties or if borrower does not currently own lot or home.

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 Full New Construction with One Time Close
Same as above with post-construction loan modification
 Rehab / Remodel
Priority Pictures/Walk Thru
Lost Priority Review / Draws*
Tract Checks
* Any draws over 5 for a Full New Construction or 3 for a rehab or remodel will be invoiced to your borrower at $160 per draw and paid for at the time of draw from loan funds.

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Certain conditions exist for property registered under the Torrens system where approval of documents by the Examiner of Titles is needed. This requirement and the amount of money the county charges vary by county. These charges typically range from $50.00 to $200.00, are payable to the county and affect registered property only.