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We are always available to work with you on your unique and complex residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our depth of knowledge allows us to not only identify potential problems, but also to develop workable solutions.

Your title company should not be an obstacle to your transaction closing. Our speciality is residential and small to mid-size commercial transactions.


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Downloading and Saving Forms to Your Computer

One important thing to remember about fillable PDF forms: unless you purchase separate PDF software, information that you provide in a fillable PDF form can be printed but cannot be saved. Numerous software programs offer a "Save" function for PDF forms. Some of the more common programs are Adobe Acrobat and CutePDF.

A better alternative to completing forms online is to save a blank form to the hard drive on your computer. If you open a form online, you can use the "Save as" function within your word processing or PDF program. You can also download the form directly to your computer by "right clicking" on the icon for the form (pdf)and selecting either "Save as" or "Save target as." You will be prompted to assign a name to the form, either by keeping the current name assigned by GibraltarTitle.com, or renaming the form with your own title. Once you name the form, choose an appropriate location on your computer to save the form.

Gibraltar Title Agency Form and Brochures
pdfAgent / Title Information Sheet
pdfOwner's Title Insurance Brochure
pdfMoving Planning Guide
pdfReviewing Your Commitment

Uniform Conveyance Blanks - Closing Affidavits
pdfMN UCB 50.1.1 Affidavit of Identity
pdfMN UCB 50.1.2 Affidavit Regarding Purchaser
pdfMN UCB 50.1.3 Affidavit Regarding Seller
pdfMN UCB 50.2.1 Affidavit Regarding Business Entity


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